Top 3 Items Made from Recycled Steel

Top 3 Items Made from Recycled Steel

Rest assured , recycling in America is alive and well. Recycling in metals is doing so well, that almost 90 % of all industrial steel used in building projects is recycled.  Though there are hundreds of uses of recycled steel, here are just the top 3 items made from recycled steel on a daily basis.

Home Appliances

For every home appliance we recommend for recycling, those appliances are generally replaced with newer appliance made with recycled materials..such as washers and dryers, hot water heaters and dishwashers. It is not always 100% of the component but generally the majority of new home appliances are made with recycled metals.

Building Materials

The largest by pound usage of recycled metals would be in large construction building materials. With building codes increasing in strength and size, more metals are being used in construction projects, including framing where light metals are now sometime used.

 Shipping Tanks and Containers

Large conex containers  and tanks used for holding liquids and shipping of materials are 100% created with recycled metals. Most tools used for connecting the tanks to shipping equipment is also made of recycled metals.

By recycling our unused metals as opposed to letting them sit. We reduce the overall exposure of our environment to the scars that can be left by mining.