What to Know About Scrap Metal Selling

With so many Tucson scrap metal services in the area, it’s important to learn what to know about scrap metal selling. Its tough to decide who to use when it’s time to sell your scrap. It generally boils down to one thing, money. Before that though, there are other options to consider, lets start with location.
Obviously it wouldn’t make since to travel too far for too little money. With that the inverse is true as well, if your selling large amounts, it may be worth the trip to collect a larger sum. Desert Metals is centrally located in Tucson and easy to find, this keeps you off the road, and depositing checks.

Ferrous Vs. Non Ferrous

The second question is: “do they take all metals” before you drive around Tucson, call Desert Metals Recycling at 520-741-0608 and confirm the type of metal you may have, is it iron, aluminum, ferrous or non ferrous metals. Once again, the last thing you want to do is drive around Tucson playing the guessing game, one call to Desert Metals will solve this issue and keep you from wasting valuable time and energy in searching.

How Much?

Lastly, how much will you get paid. If your new to the industry your going to find out pretty quick that the three topics previously discussed are more important than price per ton. Why? Because like most businesses there is a percentage mark up across the board, it’s a commodity, much like oil. Therefore, depending on location, type of metal, a few pennies a ton most likely won’t make a difference. Especially if your haul is is of smaller size and your are looking for extra cash. On the contrary though, if you are dealing in large amounts, it makes since to always call before hand and check spot prices for the day.