scrap metal prices

Scrap Metal Prices

The price of scrap metal trades much like the stock market does. This means the spot price that you might receive for your scrap metals today could be very different tomorrow.  Scrap metal prices are dictated by supply and demand, so the prices in New York can be different than the prices in Tucson. To check local prices visit

Before you sell your scrap metal

  1. Locate a reputable scrap metal dealer. Some dealers are required by local laws to only deal in scrap metals. Others are complete recycling centers. You will find publicly and privately owned scrap yards depending on your region. It is best use a local trusted scrap metal recycling company who has established itself on a long term basis. The rising price of metals, has created many companies with lesser known practices.
  2. Bring the scrap metal to your dealer. If you’re looking to scrap your car, then you might want to have the scrap metal dealer transport your vehicle from your property. Otherwise you’ll want to take the scrap to your dealer because you’ll make more money that way. If they pick up, transport fees may apply.
  3. Make sure the scrap metal is clean. From sand in aluminum cans to fused metals or alloys, many states in the US regulate the quality of scrap metal that can be delivered to a dealer. Based on this quality, you’ll be able to know what scrap prices are available to you.

When it comes to metal recycling prices, there are generally two types that are offered: ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Each metal is then assigned a grade based on the condition of the scrap metal presented. At that point, the scrap metal will be weighed and you’ll be offered a rate that is based on the spot price of the day with a dealer premium included, remember the scrap metal dealer must resell your scrap to make a profit.