tools needed for scrapping

New to the scrap metal game? Maybe, maybe not..either way it does not change the fact that all scrappers need the best possible tools available to be effective as either a pro scrapper or a even a part time enthusiast. All scrap metal pros will tell you the same thing, the tools needed for scrapping don’t have to be brand new, expensive or hard to find, but in the end, you will need these tools to be successful.

Tools Needed for Scrapping

  1. Number 1 is the easiest, we shouldn’t even list it, because if you did not think leather gloves were important for every scrapper, try sticking your non glove hand into sheered metals and see what you think (please do not do this). Your hands most likely will tear and bleed immediately..even worse..small shards will hook into your skin that will need to be extracted as soon as go buy gloves…4 or 5 pair…today.
  2. Safety gear aside (though all good tools could be called safety gear) wire cutters are paramount. Since a majority of scrapping is stripping wire to remove the wiring, or at least something similar, it is important to have wire cutters not only for cutting wire, but cords and stripping cords down to our treasure.
  3. Most people will forget this one every time…once…after the first time, you won’t forget, because it will affect the overall take on a good scrapping gig. Know ferrous from non ferrous materials will change your total payout- take out your magnet, if your magnet sticks, it is ferrous with iron in it, if it does not stick, it is non ferrous and could be worth much more to you.
  4. A full screwdriver set is essential. Since quite a bit of scrapping is whole pieces with many parts (because NO YOUR SCRAPPED METALS ARE PREPPED FOR YOU!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         These are just a few tools you can use for scrapping, once you get started, you will have your own list!