things stolen besides metal

We have written quite a few articles over the years. Some of our articles pertain to the art and the rising numbers in the scrap metal thieving business. An industry so large, special governmental task force’s have been created to devise new ways of thwarting those that partake in this theft. Even our state of Arizona keeps a data base of all scrap metals sold through recycling yards such as ours. Believe it or not though, there are other things stolen besides metal and sold to retail outlets or on the black market. We thought, for an end of year special, we would share some odd items that are no particular order.

Things Stolen Besides Metal

  1. SAP- Sap, like tree sap, is a labor intensive product used to make primarily maple syrup, it takes 40 gallons of sap, to make 1 gallon of syrup. One bad sap producing year, brings out the sap thieves.
  2. Steaks- When dry weather creates a lapse in corn and hay, there are fewer cattle going to market. With consumption of beef domestically and overseas, hitting all time highs, steak theft as well as old fashioned cattle rustling are back.
  3. Laundry Detergent- Thieves need clean clothes too…ok, the reality is, laundry detergent is a huge black market product, generally sold to the community via flea markets and community vendors. One reason it is so easy to resell is the fact that every home in America has 2-3 bottles sitting on the shelf at home, and of course rising production cost.
  4. Landscape Shrubs & Trees- Once we thought about it, we got it. Everyone in America wants them in their yard, and everyone in America has them in their yards…totally unprotected and easily stolen. With the cost of shrubs and trees increasing with the size of said shrub increasing, it has become popular for more advanced shrubs and trees to be stolen and resold for 10x’s original value…the black market has no patience.
  5. Small Boats or Jet Ski’s- You might think something that must be registered with the state would be less likely to be stolen off the water…guess again…in the state of Florida over 1,900 small boat or jet ski thefts occurred last year. Why? Ease of transport and whens the last time you were pulled over at the lake while on a jet ski and asked for your license and registration.