stranger things to scrap

Stranger Things to Scrap

No upside down here, no demigorgans, and especially no telepathic kids flying around..just stranger things to scrap or have been scrapped in the past. After years of writing blogs for Desert Metals Recycling we have listed the best ways, the worst ways and hopefully the most profitable ways to find and sell your scrap metal. In that, we have come across numerous interesting things that are sold for scrap on a regular basis.


Don’t people need these things? We’re not just talking about wheelchairs, but walkers, gurneys, beds and other hospital and in house care facilities actually would rather trash these items than repair them, especially hospitals. Hospitals practically ditch these items on a monthly basis. All it takes is a call to hospital administration and offer to haul off this equipment for them for free. Most will have a service or a way to discard these items, but if your in a larger metro area, finding one to set you up with a monthly supply, probably isn’t that difficult.


Depending on the state you live in, think Red State, there’s a high probability there are one or most likely, many outdoor gun ranges that would LOVE for someone to come out to their facility after closing time and pick up all the brass casings that have been dispensed that day. Not only are you offering a free clean up service, but selling a higher priced metal back to the scrap yard.


Yes, along with a couch and a TV, you can also find plenty of scrap. This is actually an easy one, with so many items for sale or for free it’s easy to find someone looking to rid themselves of junk that’s just to old or broke to keep. If your savvy, look for junked non running vehicles. Most people want them gone, and if you know how to scrap a vehicle properly, it’s a nice dividend.