storing scrap metals

We want you to sell us all the scrap metal you can. We also don’t want our customers to drive down to our yard and sell one pound of metal, if it is not worth their time to do so. So  we thought we would help come up with some ideas on how storing scrap metals can either save you time or money.

Storing Scrap Metals

At first it may seem simple. Throw all my scrap metal into a bin until I’m ready to take it down to the yard and sell it right? Not really, to us, that sounds like double the work. If you’re a real scrapper you probably know the advantages of sorting your scrap. The last thing you want to do is lose time or money by not sorting your scrap, or having to sort it at the yard which is time consuming and not very efficient. Needless to say the yard you use might not want to do it either. Either way, sort your metals out accordingly prior to shipping to the yard to make sure your getting the right price and saving you time.

When storing your scrap metals, it is best to store them in easy to carry or haul containers. If you tend to scrap brass or copper fittings. Separate them into reusable 5 gallon buckets that are easy enough to dump out at the collection center. If you scrap computers, and tend to only sell the motherboards, it is best to use a medium sized plastic tote, due to the odd sizing of the motherboards, plus they are easy to carry. For the smaller pieces of the computer scrap, use a shoe box for like all the hard drives and computer chips that are smaller and lite in weight and dimension.

If you’re scrapping large machinery or even shredding, you may want to think about storing your metals in a roll off container or a dumpster. as long as you have a way of hauling it off to scrap, this is a safe and easy portable option for containing your scrap metal.

Our last word of caution is never have shredded metals in back of your truck for transport without covering and tying down properly. These types of lite weight metals are easily blown onto highways and are a hazard to others.