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Selling Copper

Plan on selling copper as a hobby or busineddCopper is one of the high-value metals in the scrap industry. It is put into use electrical components, plumbing decorative designs, and structural material among others. Several sources of scrap copper are not legal since most of them get it from vandalized infrastructure. Fortunately, there are areas where you can find scrap copper. Here are some of them.

Remodeling and Construction Sites

Scrap copper wire and pipe can be easily found in construction sites and places where buildings are being remodeled. Do not just take scrap copper that you find sitting around on someone’s property. The materials belong to the owner of the property. Ensure that you ask and are granted permission to carry the scrap metal. In some areas, you may be required to carry other non-metallic waste along with scrap copper. Thus, when asked to do it, consider if it is worth the effort.

Copper in Electronics

You can harvest scrap copper wire from old electronics. This can be at home, on the street or at the scrap yard. Most of the copper cables are found when you take off the undercarriage or the back of your electronics. You then cut off the wire from the components. Older electronics have much more copper than newer items as most manufacturers use less pure copper nowadays due to technological advances. Common electronics include radios, TV sets, sound systems, Hi-fis, and laptops among others.

Large appliances such as dryers, freezers, and refrigerators contain large amounts of copper. Before dumping them, cut off the pieces of copper wire and copper parts for resale.

The Roofing Copper

It has become a trend in the recent past for people to replace the roof with copper accents. This is because copper is long lasting, recyclable and environmentally friendly. Look for areas where people are replacing their roofs and get some copper scrap from the left roof cuttings.

Copper Décor and statues

Copper is widely used to make décor items due to its malleability. It is also used to make lightweight statues. You can correct copper décor from neighbors that do not need it as well as statues that you may have hidden in the basement. They accumulate to significant volumes that can get you cash.

The household plumbing systems

Most parts of your water heating systems, as well as water pipes, are made of copper. If they get to freeze during winter or any other damage that requires replacement, remember that you can cash in on the copper materials.