scrap metal

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of scrapping or your just a hobbyist, you probably realized at some point how much you could handle when it came to searching, sorting and selling of scrap metal. The bottom line is..scrapping is not for everyone. It takes detailed planning and execution on a regular basis in order to be profitable.


This is isn’t as simple as it seems but it is true, scrapping is not for everyone. Especially anyone who thinks it is a get rich quick scheme that they can change their life immediately. Becoming profitable at scrapping takes some trial and error and definitely takes  patience, work, dedication and more than anything a plan you can follow.


Without reliable transportation, being successful at scrapping as a business would be rough going. So whether it is an old faithful vehicle or a brand new truck..always make sure the vehicle is prepared for either long hauls or heavy hauls. You never want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere 10 minutes from the yard on a holiday weekend.


Tools will be important to your success as well, there will be times you will need to cut, twist, sort and lift. Always have safety tools on standby as well, such as goggles, gloves and long sleeve shirts. For large hauls be prepared to lift and transport for convenience.  With the proper tool selection, not only will you elevate your safety, your income will grow as well as you become more efficient in your scrapping.


It make take time to find your haul sources and become profitable in the scrap metal arena, but it can and will happen. Continue learning and communicating with your local yard on the most profitable ways for you to scrap.