scrapping might be the new normal

It is true, scrapping might be the new normal..why not? I mean, every leader (with a few exceptions) claim the sky might be falling. The Hollywood elite are singing songs on social media as if a solution lies in song , but do not worry they are in this with us. Hmmm…I wonder if their lock down last over sixty days would they have issues paying the mortgage or rent. Probably not, most politicians work 6 months..and actors even less..and get paid sums the likes of us will never see. Either way, our side hustle, hobby or sole source of income, which is scrapping for metals..just may be our new normal.

Scrapping Might Be the New Normal

We truly believe this all will pass and life will carry on. Yet we cannot control (completely) what our local governments decide to do. Nor can we dictate what our employers MUST do, to be able to recover later. Therefore, your scrapping abilities should be utilized to fill in these gaps of either time off, or lower checks..or maybe just filling in the time until the stimulus check arrives. Either way, you as an avid scrapper have a skill the majority of Americans do not have. You do not have to go out and look for a side hustle or a gig. You have one with unlimited potential. Maybe you spread your sphere of search, maybe you do all the work yourself now..either may be the new normal for a while and it may be better than any alternative. Just remember, stay safe (always), wear your protective gear..even more so now.

Things will get to normal, when they do, you will might even be ahead of the game for the net big scare. Either way, scrapping might be the new normal..even though you are one of the few who already knew that.