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How to Scrap Your Car

When you get to the point where car repairs are more costly than scrapping the vehicle, you need to consider this. It is a procedure that is straightforward. All you do is follow some laws and regulations about the procedure. Once you scrap your car, you should not always expect something from the scrapping procedure. Most of the time, all you get is the car yard owners collecting your car from your place, but if you take it to a scrap yard you will receive compensation.

There are many people scrapping their cars every year, and this is the best offer you are likely to get. Here are some procedures to follow when scrapping a car.

Metal dealers break up vehicles into parts before being crashed. Therefore, unless your vehicle is unique and rare, there will be little value placed on the parts. Sometimes, scrap dealers may charge on the delivery of your vehicle to the yard. As such, the process may at times create a loss. Also, as the owner of the car, you may incur some losses if you are charged to take your vehicle to the pound without having to gain any amount from scrapping.

Use online sites to get more information on scrapping your car.

There is a wealth of information online today. Therefore, you can find sites that ask to donate your vehicle to charity. Car manufacturers have provided the mandate to some donation agents to ensure their brand is linked to the said charity. This will save on taxation and other business costs.

First, when you are trying to sell your car to a scrap yard then try contacting all the scrap yards in your area. This would help you to have a range of prices and offers. You also have a number of offers to choose from. Selling your car to a scrap company is a safer, more reliable and a hassle free option. Since the companies are available online and they come and pick up the vehicle themselves the seller is left with no liability to fulfill. Also once your car has been scrapped they provide you with a Certificate Of Destruction stating that you do not have any responsibility of the car in future. Also the COD helps you claim a refund for any unused months of car insurance and road tax.


Finally, what you need to realize is that scrapping is to your benefit as it takes an unused vehicle off your hands and you are freed from your insurance liability. As such, feel free to get to scrapping if you do not need that vehicle wasting space on your property.