scrap metal

To say the metal recycling industry, or just the steel and iron industry over all has been tough, is an understatement. Over production, an economy getting back on its feet and trade deals gone bad have led to enormous fluctuations in the metals industry in the past 5 years. especially the last 3. So we thought we would make this one simple and just compare spot scrap metal prices then and now, and maybe talk about the good ol’ days.

Scrap Metal Prices Then and Now

We will start with copper, and maybe stop their too.Even though this is a Tucson based company, copper sometimes just sets the standard for what scrap metals in general will be worth. Face it, with the average home in the United States uses about 439 pounds of copper, generally split between wiring, tubing and pipes. the oddest measurement of copper is per human, born in 2008 or after, will use over 1,300 lbs of copper for lifestyle needs and if you live in South East Arizona, it dictates the economy.

5 Year High $3.53

5 Year Low $2.02


Now we move on to scrap metal as a whole. if you didn’t already know,scrap metal prices between 2013-2015 declined almost 75%. It is fair to say  that it is a surprise there are scrap centers still alive and kicking.  Scrap Metal containing iron that fetched $140 per ton, at one point 2 years ago down to $30 per ton. Nobody wanted to sell, those people who needed scrap for income had nowhere to go.  Things have stabilized,  but the reality is nothing has gotten back to where things were.

Aluminum 5 Yr High about .60 per lb

Aluminum 5 Yr Low about .20 per lb

Current price per lb.- .35- if your lucky

Scrap Metal w/ Iron per ton today-about-$65

With copper prices climbing steadily, maybe there’s hope for all of the metals we buy and sell. For now though, by low/sell high.