scrap metal jeweler

Scrap metal is everywhere, our homes, our cars, buildings, bridges and on and on. What about our hands,neck and ears..yes jewelry. We have visited scrap metal artist of many types, but a scrap metal jeweler is in a league of their own.

Scrap Metal Jeweler

Andrea Bonelli..not a California based scrap metal jeweler whose use of scrap silver and gold is being sold and resold at an amazing rate.

Andrea says “I’m a one woman show taking care of every aspect of my business and I work on each and every piece to bring my vision to your hands. I am the designer and maker as well as handling all of the photography, editing, marketing, shipping, website design and updates, etc.

I’ve worked in various mediums such as wire work, resin, pmc, enameling as well as wax carving to give me a more well rounded respect and appreciation for all types of wearable art.

I’m self taught in everything that I do and I feel this is the best way to learn things at my own pace while creating pieces that mirror my artistic vision. Because of this my jewelry is always in a constant state of evolution as I hone my skills and find new and exciting textures and techniques to work with.”

Andrea uses responsible mining when it comes to her gold and silver selection.

All of my jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Private Studio (sorry it’s not open to the public) and I use  SCS recycled metals and ethically mined stones in my jewelry. I purchase metals from reputable US based suppliers that follow high standards for recycled metals and green processing. I was an Eco Friendly Jeweler way before it became popular and to this day I still adhere to strict ethical standards. This makes my supplier pool very small but I’d rather be ethical and maintain green practices than contribute to further pollution.

I also source out stone cutters and  diamond suppliers such as Dream Diamond Ltd. that follow ethical mining standards to ensure that I’m creating pieces that you can wear with confidence. When I have my wax carved and CAD designs cast, I use a Casting Company in the US that uses recycled met.

Seeing someone take metal recycling to new heights, should be all of our goals.