scrap metal at home part 2

Now that we have looked inside the home for items to scrap, let’s venture outside or into connecting parts of the home that offer some of the same scrapping opportunities.

Backyard Area

The most common item out of our backyard is used patio furniture and fixtures. One of the issues with these products is that sometimes they are corroded and need special cleaning before being sent to the scrap yard. Other, more obscure items might be old swing sets or older lawn equipment.

Storage Room or Attic Spaces

Both of these areas hold similar items that may no longer be needed or are just plain worn out, such as folding tables, frames, lights, televisions no longer in use or pretty much anything, especially in electronics, that is no longer being used, should be scrapped for cash.

The Garage

The garage could be a plethora of scrap metal opportunities. The list starts at common power tools, especially motorized hand tools that are worn and no longer safe to use. These tools should be broken down, and wires stripped. Larger lawn tools (gas powered) can also be broken down for scrap. One of the largest opportunities is an automobile. If you have an auto that is no longer in driving condition, it might be a great opportunity to profit from breaking it down for different types of scrap, including but not limited to the screws, bolts and u-joints.  Also any piping and trim can be scrapped. Your engine, though it can be scrapped, might be a better opportunity for you if you part it out online or to a local used parts dealer. These items also include your old battery and of course your tires.

Once again, as you can see, there are many opportunities in and around your home that can be used for scrap cash. So the next time your looking to make a trip to our yard, take a look around, it might also be a great opportunity to clean house.