scrap metal for my car has dropped

It is positively no surprise to most of us who are day to day scrap metal buyers and sellers, that the price of scrap metal dropped ..a lot. Now do not panic and please do not get out of the scrapping hobby, job or industry..I mean how many times have we gone through this. If you have been complaining or saying “Hey, scrap metal for my car has dropped” about the prices on scrapping a whole car and how those prices have are not alone.

Scrap Metal for My Car Has Dropped

Will scrap prices increase? Sure…we hope, can you get a lot more for your old rust bucket than the current scrap price..of course..but it will take tons of work. It was not long ago, scrappers were getting closer to $500 a ton for steel, now it is not even half. So to make more for the junker, we need to strip the car apart. If you have an A-frame to lift the engine, you may be able to sell the block separately for as much as $500 depending on make and model. Next pull all wheels, rims or tires off and sell as a set just for the rims or the tires and you will probably get more than you though, but you just can not drive it away. Lastly, pull all electronics and stereo components out and sell the copper and or the unit away from the scrap. The highest profit way to scrap your car, is to tear your engine apart and sell off the smaller components.

If all of this sounds like a bit to much to do in lieu of just getting $250 total for your car..then you just might have to be like the rest of us and just wait for scrap metal prices to go back up and then pay a visit to your local scrap metal buyer.