scrap metal at home

So many articles we write have more to do with where to go out and find scrap metal, and of course how to sell it and gain the largest profits. In reality, things don’t have to be so labor intensive. No driving around all day looking for curbside washers, dryers, TV’s and lamps. All of which are common roadside disposables that can be separated, stripped and sold for scrap. Unfortunately, with that being said, all of that is very labor intensive and with gas prices staying relatively high, it can be a real challenge to stay profitable in the scrap game if your not prudent. So we decided to create a list of scrap metal at home. This article will be in a two part segment.

The Following List is Broken Down by Section of Your Home

The Kitchen

The largest dispensary of sellable scrap would come out of your kitchen. No matter what utensils, or appliances you have, most can be sold for scrap. Old pots and pans are the primary items, mainly because they are replaced annually or even semi annually. Your refrigerator, though not scrapped as often, is a common item as well. Lastly, your utensils, can sometimes be a resource for scrap metal as well. If your really wanting to scrap regularly, keep a bin for cans, aluminum foils and other possible recyclables to gather throughout the year.

Living Space Items

The television is a good source of scrap metal. Televisions contain quite a bit of wiring, much of which is copper based which actually gets a higher price. Older lamps are not only aluminum based but also contain wiring that can be stripped for copper as well. Central air units and window air units both contain quite a bit of scrap metal.






Anytime a pipe leaks, or faucets are changed, a scrap metal sell opportunity is created. Many faucets are stainless steel and some pipes are copper based which , once again always get better pricing at the scrap yard.

Next week, we’ll venture outside the living areas of our home to find more scrap opportunities.