scrap Your car


Scrap Your Car

It doesn’t take long to look around and get a good idea of where to get a large amount of metal to scrap. It is everywhere, your neighborhood, your streets, your job and your schools. Yes, everywhere..they are our cars. A commonly overpriced quickly depreciating asset that Americans love to own too many of. With hours of engineering and science behind them working better for you, the reality is they end up in scrap piles waiting to become dismantled. Now we are definitely not telling you to scrap your car, but if you felt like it was time, or like some of us, you have become a collector of automobiles that need a driver, here are some facts.

There Is Quite a Bit of Steel

Most all fueled cars have quite a bit of steel in them still. Yes, plastics , fiberglass and other alloys have come into play, but steel is still a component in the body of your car, the frame and about a million other parts, nuts and bolts to numerous to name here.

Cast Aluminum Engine

Next, we have aluminum. Though aluminum is great to use in a is strong and affordable..some manufacturers just do not want to use it. Where you will see it used more often than not is in the engine, where your block can sometimes an aluminum casted block. So if you engine is ever replaced or you happen to pull one yourself, look into a price to scrap the whole block all at one time.

Copper Wiring

In all cars, there are wiring harnesses routed throughout the car. Most of this wiring, once totally stripped down, you will find plenty of copper to be had. As a matter of fact, it is probably the most overlooked prize in a car to scrap.


Now if you really want to get a pricey alloy out of your car, look no further than a catalytic converter. If you take out an old catalytic converter and strip it down properly, you will find a platinum. You might as well have struck gold, but it is even rarer.