Recycling Scrap Helps the Economy

If you think recycling scrap doesn’t effect what’s going on in America today, you might be misinformed, or actually just wrong. With the economy seeming to fully mend from the financial collapse of 2008 many cities and communities are building again, and building big. Currently, the 5 largest growth cities by building standards are New York City, Detroit, Reno, Austin and San Jose California. The most important part of this list are the geographic logistics…covering East,West,North and South, the American economy is recovering, and your recycling of iron and metal is paving the way, because recycling scrap helps the economy.

Recycling Scrap Helps the Economy

In major cities across the USA, cranes can be seen lifting steel to help create new high rises, government buildings, shopping areas and bridges. Estimates are that 84 percent of the iron and steel used in foundries is recycled scrap which has numerous benefits. Recycling steel requires 56 percent less energy than producing steel from  natural ore, and reduces Co2 emissions by up to 58 percent. Recycling also reduces the need for mining  ore, which helps keep the air and keeps the natural aesthetics of nature in tact for people to enjoy for years to come.

One of the biggest stats, that is still growing and should continue to grow, is the fact that over 500,000 jobs have been created in the industry.  Across the United States, over $90 Billion in economic dollars has been generated by the metals recycling industry. As more and more industries convert to using recycled materials as its foundation for their products, the more we should see an increased surge in the economics of our industry and continued growth for the recycled iron and metals industry.

So if you think recycling old metals is just lining your pockets, and not helping the overall United States Economy, think again.