obscure places to find scrap metal

Remember that story about the guy that decided to use his scuba gear to go from golf course to golf course, and retrieve golf balls from deep or murky water hazards and resale them back to the golf course? Yeah, me either..but here’s the golf ball retrieval kings story, albeit far fetched. It really got me thinking, what are some of the more far fetched or obscure places to find scrap metal. I don’t mean, like behind the couch, or in a forgotten box in the garage..I mean, in a murky pond in South Florida obscure, to the tune of 15 million.

Obscure Places to Find Scrap Metal

Hospitals- We’re not talking about dumpster diving at the hospital, into a sea of sickness and contamination. Have you ever thought of what do they do with broken wheelchairs, IV poles or just plain old tables and chairs? Yeah so did we…so don’t just show up one day loading your truck up with hospital goods sitting outside, they could be waiting for someone to use. Try talking to hospital administration on how to do them a service by removing this things when they are no longer needed.

Target Range- This goes without saying, but please do not just walk out onto your local outdoor gun range and start picking up brass shells. contact the owner or management to discuss how they currently dispose of empty shells, and offer to come in after hours and remove the shell casings. That’s time, which equals money they don’t have to spend.

On the side of the road- As crazy as it sounds, more scrap metal is found on the side of a road on adaily basis. Find an abandoned car, grab the license number, track down the owner, and find out what their intentions are. Believe it or not, some folks just abandon cars that no longer run…this could be free money if you file for an abandoned title, or have them sign it over to you. Explain to them the cost to tow, as well as the possibility of a fine for abandonment by the city itself.