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Non Ferrous Metals for Scrapping

Everyone knows that you can take your excess scrap metal to a local establishment in your town and they will pay you to take the metal off your hands so that they can recycle it and sell it for further use. What’s something that not everyone knows is there are two distinct types of metals that must be separated do their opposing rarity and uses, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous. Ferrous meaning that the metal contains iron, it proves much more difficult to come across Non-Ferrous metals. So What’s the Best Non Ferrous Metal For Scrapping?


Non Ferrous Metals

Nonferrous metals are among aluminum, brass, copper, tin, lead, nickel, zinc, silver, and gold. These metals are going to be found in a few places more often than others. They will be where lightweight metal is needed for strengthening, electronics due to the fact that they are not magnetic, and areas where they are exposed to the elements, as non ferrous metal is much more resistant to rust due to its lack of iron. Examples would be anywhere there’s canning, aircraft that require lightweight material, electronics such as phones utilizing the non magnetic properties, and street signs which are abused by rain making their resistance to rust become very useful.


Which Is Best

All metals typically are appreciated for scrapping, but nonferrous are especially great due to the more difficult to acquire properties. It’s difficult to label one specifically as “best” without first determining a criteria, so we will establish one. We can look at the benefits of monetary value and use as our standards. Metals such as silver and gold are going to sell for very large amounts, as they are very rare in comparison and small amounts are used for parts and jewelry, though they lack in comparison when referring to their use. Metals such as aluminum, brass, copper and tin are found in a much greater variety of areas and materials, proving easier to gather and more useful. They likely still pay a higher price for these as well because of their rarity in comparison to ferrous metals. The most valuable of these non ferrous metals in order is: 1) Copper 2) Brass 3) Aluminum

When it comes down to it, most all of the above metals are great for scrapping and it is highly encouraged that you do so when you have the ability. Recycling is incredibly important to reducing our impact on land and just as useful to us. Not to mention you get paid for dropping off your junk, or someone else’s abandoned junk, often a considerable amount.