new year new scrap

Every once in a while we keep our New Years resolutions, every once in a while. One of the newer New Years resolutions is to find a side hustle, to make more money on the side without interfering with the day to day, 9-5 most of us enjoy. With ever increasing inflation, yes there numbers are all’s over 3.25% pretty consistently, and if your not careful, you’ll turn around one day and find that your favorite taco shop now charges $8 for a burrito…sound familiar. So, with so many side hustles being available with the advent of Ubers and would seem side money is an easy task. Not really, competition on Fiverr has become nomadic when competing with countries with minimum wage equal to the cost of a newspaper. Of course Uber makes sense, if gas, wear and tear and the occasional drunken face punch by a stranger doesn’t bother you. So we thought, “A New Year, New Scrap” basically taking an old part time money hustle, and maybe trying to reinvent it.

There Is Money In Computers…Literally

It goes without saying, that computers, Notebooks, Tablets or any other handheld, internet connected device has value at it’s shelf life and/or expiration. Not true if you asked the average American home, who actually now owns 3 devices that have a shelf life of just a mere 2.5 years until they are replaced. Each having anywhere between $4-$20 worth of internal (guts) value in them. Where do the majority of these beloved items end up…landfills. Believe it or not , almost 85% of all refused tablets, laptops, notebooks and so on end up in landfills after someone moves and takes their old machines off of, or out of drawers they have been stashed away in.

Our Advice

Take some time, offer a computer/Tab recycling pick up service. Keep your area concentrated as to not have to much time in travel, but picking up 15-20 units a week could equal up to $400 in side cash, if each unit has a hard drive, aluminum casings and or copper wiring.