finding your scrap metal dealer

Finding your scrap metal dealer may be a tougher decision han where to actually find your scrap metal. So even thou we may be biased due to us being a premiere Tucson Scrap buyer, the reasons to work with a company rarely change. Things like customer service, attention to detail and of course overall pricing are always still important. In the scrap business though there are other attributes to look for. Such as: Do they accept all metals? that should be one of the first questions always asked when finding a new dealer. Do they separate our metals for you, or do you do it yourself ?  If you’re asking this one, you are probably very new and should know that separating your own metals is not only good for your relationship with your scrap yard, but is also important for you when it comes to getting paid properly. Also have your scrap cleaned up as much as possible. Lastly, are they fair in pricing…seems like a dumb question but all yards are not equal in this area, it makes senses, when choosing..find a yard that suites your needs.

Finding Your Scrap Metal Dealer

It’ is actually pretty simple to find your local dealer, pull up your favorite browser, type in scrap metal yard near me and your done right? Not really, do they seperate your scrap for you, what types of metals do they take? Most importantly, are they paying the best prices. Most scrappers know these answers and the questions you haven’t even thought of yet.

It is very important to work with a yard you can count on, a yard like ours you can count on to give you a fair price on your scrap on a regular basis. If you have specific questions about scrap, and the ends and outs prior to venturing out, call us at (520)741-0608.