What Happens If We Don't Recycle



The first question on every scrappers mind is “Where to find scrap metal” we have developed five possible fixes for this question. Always get owners permission before taking anything!

1) Shooting ranges

Spent brass shells are galore at these shooting ranges and making your presence felt and giving them the option of having all those spent shells collected and taken away would let them heave a sigh of relief.

As for you it would be a steady supply of metal scrap available to collect when necessary and a good source of income too.

The shooting ranges would gladly allow you to take these away as they would otherwise need to ensure that they are appropriately dispersed without environmental damage.


2) Local businesses

Local businesses throw away a lot of scrap metal and if you could visit and convince them that they would have all their metal scrap taken away for recycling and further use they would gladly give them to you and take their hands off this major metal scrap disposal issue that they otherwise would have to handle.

Providing them a good service and collecting what they have on time and ensuring that the premises is kept clean and tidy after you leave it will definitely provide a good impression about you in them.

They would be happy to take their responsibility and hand it over to you and you could in turn have a steady supply of scrap metal.


3) Construction sites

Construction sites are just the place to get ample scrap metal they have loads of it and if you provide them a good removal service they are sure to ensure that you get all their scrap metal and it would be a very good steady supply of scrap metal for you.

It is also necessary that you conduct yourself within certain disciplines as it would not be in your best interests to trespass into any place around the construction site without their permission because most Managers at these sites would not appreciate such actions. Always get owners permission.


4) Hospitals and medical centers

Hospitals and medical clinics and such places would also have more than enough scrap metal and taking your services to them would clinch the day for you which s what you should aim at.

Old beds steel cupboards, other disposal scrap metals could be found in tons at these places and most of them are clueless as to what they should do with it.

If you step in and take the burden off their shoulders they would gladly give everything over to you and you could get heaps of scrap metal from these places.


5) Dumpsters

You would never know what you would find in dumpsters and looking around them with permission of course would give you rich dividends in scrap metal which you would have never dreamed of.

People dump all types of used metal items into dumpsters and these are places that you could collect some very unlikely metal things, used refrigerators, washing machines and such large scrap metal bonanzas could await you.

Obtaining prior permission would also hold you in good stead and they might even call you and let you know that there are large metal items disposed and for you to collect