faq of scrap metal

The phone rings..alot. Good news for most businesses, including ours. No business owner would ever say that they wish the phone would stop ringing. Though many calls start just like this “How much do you pay for scrap?”. Granted, we are in the business of buying scrap metal, and since every vendor has a different price on every type of metal, well, those calls are expected. Of course there are those, “How late, how to separate, ferrous and non ferrous…now we’re getting detailed. So we thought we would list a few of the most common FAQ of Scrap Metal list. At least then, if reading this, then you’ll know.

What Types of Metal do You Take

Love this question, it keeps us from turning anyone away at the gate. The main type of metals we accept are non-ferrous. Non Ferrous metals include things like copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and bronze. these items should be cleaned and separated prior to arrival. If your not sure of the difference between ferrous and non ferrous, use a magnet. The magnet will stick to ferrous, that is a less valuable metal, but is still bought at most scrap yards.

How Much

That’s the million dollar question. Prices change day to day, but stay relatively consistent and for most scrappers don’t turn sharply enough to warrant not bringing in scrap to be sold. If you have that much scrap metal, you should definitely call first and discuss your haul with us.

Is There a Minimum

There is no minimum for us, but I would say, make it worth your time. Our most valuable piece of advice in this arena would be, bring it in when you can’t carry anymore or it warrants a second trip. Your time and fuel factor into whether or not scrapping is a profitable venture for you or not.