scrap metal cash

How to earn a living scrapping for metal !!!

You can make junk in gold. Instead of throwing away old electronic, wire metals and other household metallic items, you can reuse, recycle and sell the metal. Scrapping may not be very common but can be lucrative and earn you some good cash. Some of the common metals that end in landfills include iron, brass, wires, steel, copper, and aluminum. Here are tips to collect and make cash from scrapping.

Where do you get scrap?

There are several items that are left in the junk yard that may be of value. They include the old grills, Christmas tree lights, old cookery items, and many other items such as toasters and air conditioning systems. You can pick old batteries and metal items that may be discarded at the roadside. You can also pick old plumbing fixtures such as the steel taps, copper pipes, and shower accessories. You can offer to pick the same from your neighbors free.

Scrap metal is not easily arranged and is always messy. The pieces of metal can damage the back of your truck fast. It is good to Use a truck with a rump to prevent damage on your vehicle

There is some metal that is always found on the craigslist free section. You can respond to such requests and get some junk metal for sale. After you have found substantial amount of metal junk, it is good to seek areas where you can get recurring junk metal for your use. Some of the sources include maintenance people as well as steel construction companies. It is good to get numbers of any firm that usually has some junk on recurring cases as you establish your junk metal business.

Decide what to scrap

You can sell any dead appliances if there is more metal than other non-metal items. If you buy appliances that can be repaired, consider having them repaired rather than scrapping. The resale value of the repaired appliances is higher than the scrap metal.

Where to sell you scrap

You can sell your scrap metal at the scrap yards for a good sun of money. There are also smelting firms that look for scrap metal around the country. Most buyers pay you after two days in order to curb the theft of rails and expensive metals in different areas of the country. You do not have to remove non-metal parts off the metallic junk. The price includes non-metal parts. However, any material that has more of the non-metals is likely to be rejected.