don't scrap metals in tucson, that aren't yours

Scrapping is great, great for you , great for us, great for the economy and of course great for the ecology. We have written about it numerous times, how much you can make, how much of the environment is saved when you recycle..and of course, done right, how much money you can make in the long run. What we have also discussed, is getting permission to take scrap..and more importantly, the downside to stealing scrap metal. So if you are a thief reading this, don’t scrap metals in Tucson, that aren’t yours.

Don’t Scrap Metals in Tucson, That Aren’t Yours

Every year scrap metal thief takes it tolls on local businesses. We don’t like it, and of course no matter what you think as a thief, insurance doesn’t cover the losses and make everything all better. There is no such thing as a victim less crime, and scrapping is no different. Going back to 2015 , in New York, the theft of copper from a mass transit line , not only where thousands left stranded, but people working in dozens of other cities were unable to get to work. Which of course created a domino effect that numerous companies…were not covered for by insurance. Copper is an attractive target for thieves for at least three reasons.

First, copper is not easily traceable. This provides a plausible deniability about the source of the copper, which might reduce the odds that an individual is ultimately convicted of a theft.

Second, copper is almost universally available wherever electricity infrastructure and climate controls are installed; thieves have reportedly stolen copper from air conditioning units in churches, from overhead lights on interstate highways, from abandoned houses and industrial sites, and several would-be thieves have been electrocuted or killed in the process of trying to steal copper wire.

Third, copper can easily be sold at metal salvage yards that will sell the copper for its value,they will weigh the copper on site, and pay cash to the thief.

So before stealing from a company, and trying to fence your goods through us, think about all the legitimate scrap metal options that are available to you.