cleaning your scrap

Nothing new to report here, we have preached the value of having prepped and cleaning your scrap metal prior to bringing it in. Sometimes this means that it has been cut to a certain length, as determined by the particular dealer  or possibly a better price and the type of metal that it is. We really just wanted it separated and cleaned. Most yards prefer to buy scrap that has been prepped because it makes their job of recycling much easier, many sellers prefer to prep their supplies before selling because they can get a better price for it.

  • Make sure that you thoroughly clean the scrap. We don’t necessarily mean that you have to remove the dirt, what it does mean is that you have to remove any other materials from the surface of the object that you wish to sell (like nuts, bolts and nails).
  • Sort your metal according to its type and grade. Copper, for example, is sorted into two categories. Aluminium is sorted into five categories – cans, sheet (clean and dirty), and extrusion (clean and dirty).
  • Contact scrap dealers in your area to ask them what their current rates are for the materials that you wish to sell. Keep in mind that prices are constantly changing, so you should take the metal into the dealer as soon as possible to ensure that price.
  • Selling prepped scrap ensures that you will get the best price possible for your work.Once it is a habit, it doesn’t take too long to clean the metal supplies that you’re hoping to profit from. Also, it doesn’t take long for you to separate your scrap by metal and grade, it usually is done at the time when you pick it up and after time, you’ll have a system in place to collect and separate your scrap at the same time.