choosing a scrap yard

When choosing a scrap yard, many people make the mistake of shopping price and location only. We have discussed this many times before and the reality is, there is much to consider. While pricing for your scrap is important, and location may factor into your time and spend , there are a number of other factors that you should consider. We have compiled a few additional facts to consider when deciding to sell your scrap.

  • Attitude
    This is a huge part of what makes Desert Metals, well, Desert Metals. It’s important to realize this is a service business and how you are treated makes all the difference to you and to us.
  • Hours of Operation
    Time is money! Sometimes, that money has to be made on your time or it can’t be made at all. It is always best to work with a yard that suites your schedule.
  • Location Location Location
    We mentioned earlier that price and location weren’t the only factors to consider when choosing a yard to work with. Well, we’d be lying if we told you it should at least be a top 5 concern. You see, most yards are very comparable on pricing, you have to be or nobody sells you there scrap, but location is the one thing, that a yard cannot change very often if ever.
  • Trust
    It is paramount that you and the yard you deal with have a relationship built on trust. This is a game of weights and measures, that’s how you are paid, and when you can’t trust the man/woman at the scales, your done in the scrap business.
  • Pricing Specials
    Knowing what and when a certain yard has a special on certain metals can increase your overall revenue. So it’s important to know and understand if your favorite scrapping haunt ever runs an aluminum special.

The bottom line is, when choosing a scrap yard you use is yours and personal to you and your bottom line profitability.