charity scrapping

Tired of going door to door asking friends, neighbors and even family if they’re interested in some cookie dough, or Holiday wrapping paper. Of course you are, not only are you tired of asking for it, you might be tired of getting very little reward out of it, I mean realy, the little pencils in rainbow colors, or possibly binders and folders you kids get. the big reward is sometimes your school getting a free pizza, that’s great. Maybe, this time around you try charity scrapping. Never heard of on.

Charity Scrapping

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you and your children to drive around daily and pulling scrap from landfills or hauling away washers and dryers (you could if you want though). We’re talking about using recycling bags and bins in your school and use them as a teaching moment for all kids to get behind. Recycling certain cafeteria (cans) or maybe recyclable school products, all in one place, throughout a school year..not only teaches students to choose what they throw away versus what to recycle, will last a lifetime. Not only that, there’s a return on that same investment at a specified date and time, when the products are recycled.

Instead of going door to door peddling sugar and foil wrapping paper, offer a free recycling bags and pick them up once a month. Not only is this also a widespread teaching moment, but gets the whole community involved. So quick easy math…300 students recycling on a daily basis, they each find 10 homes to put their recyclables in a bag to be picked up monthly, adds up to thousands of people, merely taking their discarded recyclable metals and letting the school sell them and use the money..did we mention the tax benefits? That’s a whole different story.