recycling scrap metal



If your car, van, SUV, truck or pick up is at the end of its life and its road worthiness is under question then your best option would be to sell it to a junk yard or scrap metal dealer who will assess the vehicle for its value for the quantum of scrap they could salvage rather than the value as a machine of conveyance. Desert Metals recycling is in the business of Cars for Scrap!

There are ample such dealers scattered around the United States and finding one nearest to you would not be a difficult task if you look either on the Internet, word of mouth of your friends or colleagues or from other sources.

Once you have found the few scrap dealers with whom you what like to deal with, it would be prudent on your part to be well prepared with what sort of negotiations you would have to indulge in with them to get you the best deal possible.

These dealers are very well versed in dealing with people like you and “know their onions” hence you would need to apprise yourself with the “tricks of the trade” too, if you are to stand a chance of coming out satisfied after parting with the vehicle that would have served you well over the past years.

As for the scrap dealer, he would buy your vehicle and try to salvage the maximum profit from it by selling as much parts of it to those who would be hunting for the same parts for their vehicles.

Eventually when there are no such parts or if the parts that are left are not serviceable for any purpose it would be sent to a recycler, of whom there are many around.

Recycling metal is a multibillion dollar industry worldwide and there are many dealers, recyclers and eventual manufacturers who would use the recycled metal for use for various purposes.

The scrap dealers that you have selected would need to know some salient facts about your vehicle before they would be able to quote you a price or they would like to see your vehicle.

Once they have provided you with a price you could decide what your next move could be, it is possible that some would want you to give the vehicle on a “as is where is” basis or they would need you to remove for instance the tires which would be not their line of business.

Once you and the scrap dealer in question have an understanding it is imperative that you take all the required paperwork that is provided for the vehicle with you and if there are any co-owners to the vehicle, they too would need to go with you as it is requirement.

Even if there are none and you are the sole owner of the vehicle it would be advisable to take along someone, may be a friend or relative as it would provide you a credible witness if the scrap dealer tries to hassle you and deviating from his original agreement with you.