What Happens If We Don't Recycle

Businesses selling scrap metal is very common. Scrapping and sale of excess metals is a profitable venture that any business can engage in on the side from its primary functions. It is more beneficial to companies that work with metals in their daily production activities. Here are businesses that may benefit from selling their excess metals.

Food packaging industries

Companies that engage in the manufacture of steel and aluminum packaging have so much of the materials that is left after the manufacture of the cans. Since most of them do not smelt the scrap for re-use, they can benefit from selling the excess metal to metal recycle companies.

The home cookery manufacturers

Companies involved in the manufacture of cookery items such as cooking ports, metal utensils, and cutlery also have lots of scrap metal that is generated from their activities. It is possible to make a decent amount from the sale of the excess scrap.

Building and construction companies

Construction firms can also gain from the sale of the left overs of the metal roofing materials, steel beams and truss. The metals used in the building and construction field are heavy and of good quality. This can earn them good prices in the marketplace.

Auto industry

The auto industries are a major consumer of metals and have many leftovers from their body shops and manufacturing plants. The same goes for the body works companies.  Aluminum is the mostly used metal followed by steel. The excess amount of metals can be sold to the metal recyclers.

Companies that are involved in the manufacture and refurbishment of ships, airplanes, and other heavy machinery also have loads of excess metals that can be recycled and used in other industries.

Electrical supplies companies

Most of the electrical supplies are made of metal including cabling, transformers, connectors, and so forth. There are lots of metals that are left after the manufacture of the supplies.

Roofing manufacture companies

Roofing companies, especially those that deal in metal roofing sheet have loads of sheets either as scrap or rejects that are left from their production procedures. The excess metals can be sold for the used in other industries.

Small businesses such as those that make window frames, steel doors, steel chairs, and other home fixtures can also sell their excess metals for a profit.

The demand for the metals outweighs the supply at this time. With the cost of recycling being lower than the mining, every piece of excess metal is precious and can bring in extra cash to the business.