best metals fo recycling

Most readers of anything about scrapping metals understand and have a pretty firm grasp on what metal is what, where to find their scrap metals to turn in, or at least understand the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals..if you don’t know, I suggest purchasing a good sized magnet, and check some older articles or just look up online the what’s what on scrap metal. So what are the best metals for on.

Best Metals for Recycling

So first things first, we’re talking non ferrous metals, such as: Copper, aluminum, brass and bronze and of course stainless steal. These metals are used in various trades and industries, they all price differently as well. Either way, if your local scrap yard is a buyer of non ferrous metals, and you have gainfully, legally acquired said metal, we would definitely be interested.

So which will fetch the highest overall prices without actually having to mine it out of the earth itself, just read on.


Copper is one of the most common form’s of scrap metal available. Some contractors believe the average home can have over 400 pounds of copper (now it’s adding up). Unfortunately,  that kind of large scale availability creates a criminal element poised in your community, especially if a new home is being built. Criminals tend to break into new home which is fully furnished and ripe for the taking.

Other popular metals are Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and general steel. The bottom line is, most metals ferrous or not are worth scrapping versus trashing them and get nothing.

Lastly, you must call and verify with your local scrap yard, everything! Including if they will buy your lot of goods, and of course, its all about the clear when it is time to take that trip to your local yard, you must clean all of your accessories as well as separate them appropriately. This will save you time and ultimately money for your new scraping business or project.