Free scrap metal

So you’ve been scrapping for some time now. You have it all down, the right buildings, the right neighborhoods, and the overall best days to check dumpsters and garage sales before anyone else. All in a weeks work. Free scrap metal is great, and it’s the way most regular or full time scrappers make money. The age old problem is, it can be time consuming, and basically it’s the number one profit eater in the game. Countless days driving around , time looking for roadside offerings, travelling further and further away when things locally look slim.

The best and surely easiest alternative is to scour online sites like Craigslist. Believe it or not, a few hours on craigslist, searching different ads for people just trying to get rid of everything , or maybe even trying to sell junk for something as opposed to paying a company to come to haul that old washer and dryer.

Craigslist could be your weekly starting point for your weekly hauls. People will advertise their upcoming garage sales, keeping you from having to search neighborhoods, which ultimately saves time and fuel cost. The best part is, you can show up at the end of the sale, when you know all the leftovers usually are junked or stored away again, just to be put out on the next sale, that’s the time you want to roll up and offer to carry off everything they could never sell. Old parted out bed frames, TV’s from the 90’s that weigh 60 lbs., old lamps with copper wiring..the tools that don’t work anymore…and yes, old washers and dryers.

By using Craigslist weekly to set your course for the weekend, you will save the biggest expenditure you have in the scrap game and ultimately see your overall profits increase from week to week.