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    Scrap Metal Leaders

    Desert Metals Recycling has been a leader in Tucson as a premiere scrap metal dealer. We pride ourselves on ease of location, top prices as well as customer service. Call today for more information-520-741-0608.

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Scrap Metal Tucson

SCRAP METAL TUCSON Desert Metals Recycling is one of the premiere Tucson Scrap Metal dealers and  a proud member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, inc. We are committed to reusing the non-renewable resources of our environment and we help our customers do the same. People are welcome to come into our yard and pay…

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Our Services

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Types of Scrap

Desert Metals Recycling happily takes most forms of scrap metal: Aluminum cans, brass, cars with title, circuit boards, computers, sheet metals and stainless steel. If you’re not sure if we’ll take it, please call ahead. We’re focused on clean metal recycling.

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State ID and fingerprinting required for all transactions (excluding Aluminum Cans and Steel). All transactions can be paid in cash up until the transaction goes over $300, at that point according to state law we are required to write and mail a check to the address provided. All individuals selling junk cars must have title…

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Businesses that would like to register with us are required to fill out the business registration letter and can fax or bring a copy of the form on their next visit. The form can be downloaded here. Registering your business allows you to take full advantage of being able to scrap Bright and Shiny Copper…

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Latest News

scrap metal at home part 2

Scrap Metal At Home Part 2

Now that we have looked inside the home for items to scrap, let’s venture outside or into connecting parts of the home that offer some of the same scrapping opportunities. Backyard Area The most common item out of our backyard is used patio furniture and fixtures. One of the issues with these products is that…

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scrap metal at home

Scrap Metal At Home

So many articles we write have more to do with where to go out and find scrap metal, and of course how to sell it and gain the largest profits. In reality, things don’t have to be so labor intensive. No driving around all day looking for curbside washers, dryers, TV’s and lamps. All of…

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scrap metal cash

Where to Sell Scrap Metal

Where to sell scrap metal might mean the difference in hundreds if not possibly thousands of dollars to your bottom line at the end of the year…and it’s also a personal choice. It’s not like choosing your favorite restaurant or car to drive. A scrap metal vendor to work with on a regular (or even irregular) basis…

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